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A Conversation with Selini Mellis from Sweet As Melli

Selini Mellis is the content creator and voice behind the Atlanta-based blog, Sweet As Melli. Everything she shares is magical from her own intimate family gatherings to themed birthday parties to festive holiday spreads. Selini is extremely kind and authentic and she shares some valuable insights below. 

You have designed some absolutely beautiful parties and events which have been featured in different publications. Have you always been passionate about party and event styling?

My passion for event planning and styling I think was always there since I was a little girl. I pursued my endeavors in healthcare and I love being a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. But I remember when I was a little girl my parents would always throw the most fun parties! We are Greek, so entertaining friends and family and bringing everyone together is important to us! Life is short and we think the time we spend with others is valuable. I love hosting, making my friends/ guests feel special and creating memories!

What inspired you to start your blog and instagram account?

My inspiration honestly started after I became a stay at home mom to my first born! My very first post was a big charcuterie board for our Thanksgiving party. It was fun to create a lavish board and style it around this beautiful flower centerpiece. After that, I knew I wanted to take this somewhere. So I started playing around with tablescapes, food styling, decorations and more!

What’s one piece of party/event planning advice you can give to someone who is just starting out? 

My advice is not to compare yourself with others and don’t worry about your follower count. Social media is wonderful in that you can connect with other talented people who share the same passion, give you lots of inspo and ideas. However, the toxic part of social media if you allow it to is there are these demands and pressures it puts on you as an influencer. You start to compare yourself and feel like you aren’t good enough. Keep finding your niche! I started it with just food styling but it turns out I like a lot of other things that I am incorporating along the way!

What are your top 3 must-have’s for any party or event?

My top 3 must have’s would be:

1. Creative or festive drinks (both alcoholic and non)

2. Music

3. A variety of food for my guests! I want to make sure they eat well! 


Thank you for sharing your magic with us Selini!

You can find Selini on Instagram @sweet_as_melli where she shares tons of fun DIYs, party styling, snack ideas and more!

Check out her blog at ✨



  • This was such a great read!
    The advice is spot on.

  • Thank you so much Alexis for featuring me on your blog! Truly grateful!

    Selini mellis

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