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Top 3 Tips For Framing Watercolor Art Prints

So you just got your new watercolor art what?!

It might start to collect dust if you're not sure where to hang it or even what kind of frame to put it in (guilty). 

In my opinion the frame you choose can really elevate your art and take your wall decor to the next level. So let's dive into these super easy tips and get your new watercolor art print on the wall!

1. Mix and Match Styles of Art 

When buying art it's so important to just listen to your intuition. Don't spend much time worrying where you will hang it, or if it will fit in with your decor. If you know a certain piece of art will make you happy every time you look at it, that's the piece for you! Mixing various style of art, photos and other wall hangings can create the most beautiful gallery walls.

watercolor tropical art print

2. Choose a Frame that Fits Your Vibe

The frame you choose should enhance your art, not take attention away from it. Natural wood, metallic, black and white are all versatile options. You can choose to have a matted frame but it's not always necessary. The mat will create visual space for the art, and a transition from the art to the wall. 

framed floral watercolor art print

3. Deciding Where to Hang Your Art

Visualizing which room you want your art in is important. Do you want it somewhere you will see it often? Do you want it to be a statement piece in a certain area? Some ideas for hanging your wall art are creating gallery walls, groupings of two or three, or simply being the statement piece of the entire wall. 

Framed watercolor Art Print, Purple Mountains

And just like that, you've framed and hung up your new Watercolor Art Print!

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