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Ways to Use Halloween Gift Tags

Fun ways to use your Trick or Treat gift tags! There are many possibilities when it comes to tags. 

First, gather some supplies. I love using different types of ribbon and yarn for different textures. I find these really make a tag POP!

I also find it fun to use extra embellishments, in this case I'm using tiny jack-o-lanterns and cauldrons.

Then get creative with what type of bag or basket you will use. I'll be showing you how I created some adorable "boo baskets" with jelly bags.  

Check out these jelly bags I got from!

Inside the jelly bag I have cute halloween pajamas for my daughter. On the outside I used the tiny jack-o-lantern as an embellishment. It really adds a layer of fun! Then I used 3 different ribbons and yarn to attach the gift tag. The more the better!

Using a traditional gift bag I attached the gift tags with the same combination of yarn and ribbon. I love the way this looks! It's so simple and easy and really looks festive.

Last I've got a clear cellophane bag filled with candy, a halloween straw and a little cauldron. Using the same few supplies for attaching the tag.

There are so many different ways to use gift tags. If you think about all the possibilities of ribbons and yarn it's really fun and exciting to see how far you can push one concept!

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