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Hi, I'm Alexis, a self-taught watercolor artist and a full-time mom of 2 beautiful kids.

In 2021 a friend asked me if I could paint a portrait of her dog that recently passed away. At the time, I had never painted a dog before, and had a lot of self-doubt. I decided I would give it my all and see what happened. 

What happened was this: I created a piece of art that captured her dogs soul, and brought her to tears.

The rest is history!

I specialize in capturing the heart and soul of your pet through their eyes. It has been such a special gift to connect with so many people who love their pets as much as I love mine. 

Hank is our 13 year old rescue dog. My husband and I adopted him in Austin, Texas. Above, you can see us together in a beautiful field of bluebonnets. While Hank has slowed down a little bit, we still enjoy our daily walks and cuddles. 

He is such a special part of our family and he inspires me to keep going. ✨




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